Have You Watched The TV Show: The Girlfriend Experience?

The Girlfriend Experience was a television show that hit the Starz channel in 2016 and 2017. The main character was a law intern who decides to take another job on the side as a high-end escort. She soon finds out about the ins and outs of the job and the juggling with her main job that needs to be done. This show is fascinating and gives you a sneak peek at what happens behind the scenes in the escort world. If you have watched the series, or intend to, you may find it intriguing to have your own girlfriend experience with a sexy escort. Here’s what you’ll enjoy when you reach out to our service.

Our Girls Are Some Of The Most Sexy Around

We don’t just hire any old person to work for us. Our girls are all vetted and that means that they need to have the attraction we are looking for in addition to their other credentials. We do realize though that men love all types of women. We have a wide range of escort possibilities available. This means you will have the opportunity to find someone within your desired age-range or a preferred appearance. Take a look at the profiles and pick out your perfect date without difficulty. Give us a call or send us a message, and we will handle the rest.

Take Your Escort Out On The Town

As you’ll see in the series, escorts love going out into the public eye with their dates. Some will be blatant about their job duties, while others know the value of discretion. In our service, we make sure your secret is not let out of the bag if you do not wish for it to be. Your escort will dress sexily, however, she will not go overboard where she looks like an escort to those who see her. If you want others to know about her job choice, that is your decision. Bring your escort out for dinner, some cocktails, or other entertainment to get to know her better before you spend time alone.

Bring Your Date To Your Place

Escorts provide intimacy to those they are hired by. Your escort is not only attractive, but she’s more than willing to allow you to explore her body in any way you wish. She wants you to be happy with your session and will do anything in her power to ensure you are satiated when you part. This includes possible stripping, massage, and full-blown intimacy without prying eyes to watch over your moves. Your escort is available by the hour or by the night depending upon your desires. Our service will handle the pricing aspect when you contact us. Make sure you are well-prepared for a session full of fun, opportunity, curiosity, and excitement. You’ll feel as if you slipped right into The Girlfriend Experience series yourself when you spend time with one of our sexy women yourself.