It’s About To Get Bootylicious With Terra

Terra is a Miami transplant. She spent most of her childhood and her teenage years in Miami, soaking up the sun. But she came West looking for something more. She wanted more excitement than what she was getting, so she decided to make Vegas her next stop. And Vegas certainly has plenty of activities to keep her entertained. It also has the sun and the warmth, which is perfect for her early morning jogs and trips to the gym. Sure, she was born with some impressive genes, but her bootylicious backside isn’t all genetics. She does what she can at the gym to make sure she’s always looking good, both for herself and for you.

Part of the reason she settled on Vegas was because she wanted the opportunity to meet new people. With visitors coming and going every day Terra has met more people and made more lifelong connections than she ever had back in Miami. She does talk about some of the food she’s missing from back home, and she misses the ocean, but with so many other times to do around Las Vegas she barely has time to think about that. And one of the main things she likes to do with her time is to offer up a Las Vegas fantasy massage. Every man who is with her ends up living out their fantasy, and she loves every minute of it. It helps remind her of why she decided to leave Miami and call Vegas her home. So, if you’re ready for your own Vegas fantasy, give her a call.