Try Out Your GFE At Top Golf

A GFE, or girlfriend experience is one you will not forget anytime soon. If you don’t want the hassle of having a long-term relationship, but you miss the closeness of having a woman who tends to your needs with plenty of intimacy, a girlfriend experience may be just what the doctor ordered. After you hire an escort for a date, you need to figure out where to take her. Top Golf in Vegas is a location that provides tons of fun with plenty of opportunities for closeness. Here is a rundown of what you can expect from your GFE at Top Golf.

Book An Area For Just The Two Of You

Top Golf has several cubicles available to try your hand at driving a golf ball into a vast area where other spectators can see your progress without seeing all that you do inside your allotted space. Each golf ball has a microchip embedded inside of it, documenting its progress as it moves across the field. You rack up points and boasting rights as your name moves up the leader board. Whether you are an experienced golfer or not, you’ll enjoy the gameplay with a pretty girl to root for you every step of the way. She’ll squeal with delight when you make a great move and will lift your spirits when you aren’t playing up to par. All is done in a private setting so you can enjoy every touch to the fullest.

Enjoy Food And Drinks In Your Allotted Space

Instead of heading to a swanky restaurant where there’s plenty of onlookers making it difficult to pay attention to your date in full, book your session at Top Golf and enjoy spectacular food and exotic cocktails right in your gameplay area. You’ll have the advantage of an intimate dining experience with the promise of fun and excitement of golf playing in between courses or drinks. Your date will sidle up to you and make you feel as if you were a couple for years….and no one will be the wiser.

The Fun Won’t Stop Even When You Leave Top Golf

The excitement of point play and a cozy date won’t end when you leave the establishment. After all, girlfriends usually end up going back to your place after a date comes to an end. Your GFE will heat up during your playtime and this feeling will last well after your last ball is driven downfield. Sit back and relax, take in the action, enjoy the music, and know that your escort will be there to continue your date back at your place when you decide you want some alone time. This is when real intimacy is experienced…. more than flirting and caring caresses. The time spent at Top Golf sets the tone for an evening of fun and fantasy with a beautiful woman that you will want to relive again and again.